Sauzer manufacturer Oliehoorn takes over Zuivelculinair and adds dairy and vegetable sauces to its range

Hoorn / Drachten – Sauces manufacturer Oliehoorn, with offices in Hoorn and Drachten, has reached agreement with Zuivelculinair from Tweede Exloërmond to take over the activities. Zuivelculinair produces fresh sauces and dressings based on fresh yoghurt and vegetables. “Unique products in the Netherlands and therefore a nice addition to the specialty sauces that we produce in our new Oliehoorn plant in Drachten”, says Wim Dijk, General Manager of Oliehoorn.


Oliehoorn has been producing oils and traditional sauces in bulk for catering and industry for 35 years in its headquarters in Hoorn. This includes, for example, French fries, curry sauce, tomato ketchup, garlic sauce and satay sauce. In 2016, Oliehoorn opened a second branch in Drachten where specialty sauces are made in smaller volumes, including for example a tomato ketchup of fresh Dutch tomatoes and various fish sauces. Although Oliehoorn is rich in a wide range, dairy-based sauces were missing. “That is really a separate dimension,” says Wim Dijk. And precisely that knowledge of dairy was the basis for the success of Zuivelculinair.

Zuivelculinair began in 1994 as a dairy farm where founder and food technologist Erwin Weerink developed and marketed additional dairy products. “It started with a fresh yogurt dressing of homemade yogurt and gradually the assortment spread to multiple sauces and dressings based on vegetable oil, fresh yoghurt and fresh vegetables and herbs,” says Erwin Weerink. “Products that have often come about in collaboration with our customers.” Zuivelculinair sells its unique products mainly to the industry and under private-label to the retail market at home and abroad.

“For us, the takeover of Zuivelculinair means not only a welcome expansion of the Oliehoorn assortment with vegetable and dairy sauces,” says Wim Dijk. “With Erwin we get a true-to-know expert product developer who is an asset to our entire company and can contribute ideas about product development across the board.” Erwin Weerink: “I run sixty, an age when you start thinking about the future from your family business. We know oil horn well. From the beginning of our existence we process raw materials from Oliehoorn in our products. We are both family businesses with an informal atmosphere and hard-working people with a passion for the profession. I am proud that a company with such a well-known brand name wants to take over our company. ”

On 1 July 2018 Oliehoorn takes over the activities of Zuivelculinair. The product range will continue to exist and the current employees will therefore have a job guarantee. “For the time being we will continue on the same foot and the current customers of Zuivelculinair will not notice the takeover”, emphasizes Wim Dijk. “With the difference that both our assortments fit together well and we can offer both customer groups a wider package of sauces, dressings and oils.”

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